James Childs


Hi I’m James, or Jim depending how you know me. I started my career as a 3D Artist but quickly found my calling as an animator. Starting out in the games industry I quickly learnt to animate fast, but it wasn’t until I went through the Animation Mentor program that I became good too…”Alright Big Head!”

I loved working in children’s TV and gained valuable experience managing teams of animators. The twelve years experience I have accumulated in the Video Games and TV industry helps me think and act fast, what pose to create, what mood to set, and the foresight to trouble shoot early to avoid future issues. 

Future Goals:

Create a small childrens TV series of my own

Get a motorbike – DONE!

Get a dog – DONE!

Aron Durkin


Whatup! I’ve been animating characters since 2007, my first project was Broken Sword: The Directors Cut. Since then I’ve worked on multiple published titles on every platform you can name. From hand key animation skills and knowledge of rigging and MEL scripting, to mocap cleanup and cutscene implementation, I’ve had quite a fun and challenging career! 

My focus is to create life, appeal and personality in characters, continually challenging and improving my knowledge and practical skills as an animator, storyteller and games developer. I wish to continue to work with talented and creative people and be part of crafting experiences and narratives that are unique and memorable.

Favourite Quote:

Rick Sanchez


Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on in our combined 20 years animating