“Our goal at SlingShot Cartel has always been too partner with the best in class freelance teams in the world and also to have them become part of our game team. These 2 factors are absolutely key to the success we have had with our model to date.

The guys at Super Spline have fitted perfectly into both of these remits.

They picked up our animation pipeline late in the day for The DRG Initiative and expertly navigated it into our first public build with complete professionalism. They quite literally became our animation team. They understood and also contributed to the vision we held. And when we were up against it, they pushed over the line with us, always with enthusiasm and always with their trademark smiles.

We love these guys and you will too!

Jamie Jackson
Co-founder and Creative Director, Slingshot Cartel
ClientSlightshot Cartel
ServicesMo-cap Cleanup / Tech Anim

The DRG Initiative

Third Person Team Shooter

An ongoing project for 2017, we are continuing to work with Slingshot Cartel and Third Kind Games to deliver a new multiplayer team experience. We were challenged to help prepare a first showing of the project for GDC, working with the new Amazon Lumberyard game engine and assets from Virtuos and Audiomotion, we created a pipeline to quickly ingest this data, clean it and get it into Lumberyard and into the hands of players in time for its world debut.