The Remote Animation Department


We’ve dedicated our 50+ years of shared experience to curating and supporting one of the best pools of animation talent in the country, ready to direct the right skills to the right project at the right time. Viewers and players now demand more and more from their digital entertainment, but we understand that it’s not always cost-effective for you to hire and maintain full-time animation teams in-house. So that’s where we come in!

We’ve worked on projects for Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Sega, Jagex Warner Bros, Namco, Rovio, Intel, Cbeebies and Games Workshop, as well as a tonne of original titles too, for everyone from small indie startups through to international entertainment companies.

Aron, James & Eoin


Hand Key

Hyper realistic, cartoon, bipedal, creatures. 3D characters to 2D sprites.

Motion Capture

Organising and directing motion capture shoots, editing data, implementation


Animating and implementing in-game cutscenes or pre-rendered loveliness.


Planning, Pre Visualisation, Storyboardng, Creative Consultation


Character rigging, pipeline set up, implementation, scripts & tools

TV Production

From script to screen we can take entire episodes and be your remote animation department.

Clients & Partners

Super Spline was founded by two experienced animators after an extensive career in games working on titles for multiple platforms, on globally recognised brands. Here is a short list of brand owners we have worked on projects for in our careers:


We want to work with passionate, creative individuals, who strive for the best every time. Please get in touch via email to talk about your animation needs.

We like to meet our clients face to face where possible, digitally via Skype or physically at your studio. Alternatively, if you fancy a brew, pop in to our studio in the centre of Royal Leamington Spa.