James Childs


James or Jim, you decide. Co-Founder of Super Spline. Father. There ain’t no spline that won’t get fiddled with when he’s in the animation chair. A culmination of experience of games and TV, he’s the actor of the company. “Born to lead, not to read” and lover of Arnie, Harleys and Tattoos, he’s part bro part nerd, a dangerous combo amongst social gatherings. The only thing that would make Jim happier than splining his own TV show, is starring in the UK remake of Sons of Anarchy.

Eoin Loughrey


Father, Footballer, and Survivor fanatic, Eoin, started out at Blitz Games- bringing charm and appeal to characters such as Donald Duck, Puss in Boots and the infamous Jack Slate. He then lead the animation on the horrendously violent remake of Shadow of the Beast before finding his way to Super Spline.

Eoin has children – he does not have spare time.

Lisa Murray

Jnr. Animator

Lisa, a graduate of iAnimate and our most youthful spliner, joined as an intern animator and was quickly promoted to full-time having impressed the whole team with her mad splining skillz! She is yet to have her first title released so watch this space for more. 

In her time off she enjoys travelling around, bashing around a shuttlecock and riding Llamas.

Antony Manley

Snr. Tech Animator

Antony, animation tech roadie, without the guitar or denim jacket but always the beard. Striving to keep learning new stuff to work on great projects and characters, spends his spare time habitually bingeing its Always Sunny In Philadelphia/Community/The Office.

A 7 year veteran of TT Games, now looking to the future for new challenges and the day he can finally replace his car with a TARDIS.

Aron Durkin


Aron is the switchboard operator of problems and solutions. A veteran game dev but defies the laws of ageing, a mixed skill set of creative and technical, a Unicorn among devs. With a Steam backlog of 200+ games he clearly works too hard. Co-Founder of Super Spline, father to a fur baby, just trying to stay alive until his “Hawaiian Shirt Friday” collection reaches 52 for one a week (he’s at 24 now).


Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on before Super Spline