DeveloperSEGA Hardlight
PlatformApple Arcade
ServicesAnimation Lead / Anim Tech Lead

Sonic Dream Team

Gotta go fast!

Super Spline is proud to have provided end-to-end lead animation services to Sega Hardlight and bringing Sonic Dream Team to life on Apple Arcade!

Sonic the Hedgehog is back in Sonic Dream Team! A game packed with non-stop action and thrilling adventures!

Join Sonic and friends as they dive deep into a bizarre world of dreams! Unravel an original and captivating storyline while taking command of six dynamic playable characters. With their unique abilities, dash, climb and fly your way to victory against infamous Eggman!

Get ready to race through mind-bending dream worlds that include wall-running, gravity changes, and more! Your mission: fight to rescue your friends and battle Eggman for control of an ancient artifact that can make dreams come true.

Complete missions, fight bosses and find toys of your favourite Sonic characters to add to your ever-growing collection!